Toolbox LT 2009

Toolbox LT is the revolutionary solution that adds 3D modeling and LISP support to AutoCAD LT...and so much more.

In today's competitive environment, the spotlight is on productivity and presentation. Companies need design software that ensures them that vital competitive edge. Toolbox LT is the answer, providing the most cost effective solution for extending your design and drafting capabilities with AutoCAD LT.

Now you can design in 3D with solids and surface modeling, generate realistic shaded renders, import and manipulate graphic images and load and run Lisp utilities and ARX applications.

Plus! Toolbox LT gives you the tools to create and manage drawing objects like never before. Its unique object-authoring suite includes Block Manager, Hatch Manager, Linetype Wizard and Attribute Wizard. Now you can instantly publish intelligent block libraries, stunning hatch patterns and complex linetypes from existing drawing content. Optional one-click drawing schedules and cost estimates are also available.

Key Features

  • 3D modeling (surfaces and solids), editing and 3D zoom, pan and orbit.
  • Advanced shading including Gouraud for more realistic presentations.
  • Load and run Lisp, ARX and DBX utilities and applications.
  • Advanced image import, manipulation and clipping capabilities.
  • Express Tools style layer commands including match/isolate object's layer.
  • Create libraries containing 2D intelligent blocks and 3D models.
  • One-click creation of drawing schedules and cost estimates.
  • Create stylish hatch patterns and complex linetypes automatically from almost any drawing objects.
  • Includes hundreds of professionally drawn industry standard hatch patterns and complex linetypes.

Pricing and Compatibility

Available from just US $395 / GBP £249.

Buy Now

Toolbox LT provides essential features for AutoCAD LT 2000-2009.

Multi user licensing and discounts available.

If you are intending to use Toolbox LT under Windows 64-bit, please refer to the following Installation Guide

For AutoCAD LT 2009 users, Toolbox LT supports service packs 1 and 2.

Guides and Tutorials

The following PDF downloads are available:

Product Brochure

Getting Started Guide - Part 1 - Part 1
(Shortcut Keys)

Getting Started Guide - Part 2 - Part 2
(Introduction and Bonus Tools)