Exit Survey

Thank you for trying a GlobalCAD product. We'd be grateful if you'd fill out this short survey before you leave.

To add extra features to my CAD system
To add productivity tools that would save me time
I just wanted to try it out
Performance (load delays, memory usage)
It caused my CAD system to freeze or crash
It conflicted with other add-on(s) I have installed
Hard to use/confusing (menus, display, etc.)
Missing features
Some features didn't work
I found an alternative product that meets my needs
Just temporary, I'm planning to install it again soon


You can receive a copy of the GlobalCAD Support Factfile, containing helpful troubleshooting tips, by sending a blank email to support@globalcad.com

Alternatively, you can Contact Us directly to discuss a technical issue.

If you are attempting to install a GlobalCAD product with AutoCAD LT 2000-2009 and Windows 64-bit, please refer to the following Installation Guide

AutoCAD LT users please note GlobalCAD products support AutoCAD LT 2000-2009.